How To Book A Sleep Study

How To Book A Sleep Study

QLD Snore Clinic is an established medical provider, as the patient you will be under our private Sleep Specialist, a referral will be requested prior to your appointment for a Sleep Study Diagnostic Test.

It is now easier to secure an appointment online

STEP 1 Print or Download your referral here or ask your doctor at your next visit. If
needed QLD Snore Clinic can assist and provide you or your doctor with a referral form.
(Please contact us to organise this)

STEP 2 To assist in efficient operations and to secure an appointment for your In-home sleep study, simply send your referral to QLD Snore Clinic by the following methods:

            Email :   Fax: 07 5478 8000 Medical-Objects

STEP 3 One of our lovely staff will contact the patient to secure an appointment for the
most convenient time.

STEP 4 QLD Snore Clinic will confirm results and deliver full sleep report and diagnosis
to the referring GP with treatment options if diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.