I have been snoring when I sleep for some time now, both at night and also if I was to fall asleep in front of the TV during the middle of the day. My wife became very concerned as she said that I was starting to stop breathing and she was continuously having to shake me to wake up. She was worrying that one night she might not be able to wake me.

So I was talking to a friend who had recently been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea and I asked him what he had done to help with treatment and he gave me the telephone number for Dani Wood. I rang Dani and she immediately booked me an appointment for a sleep study (which I could take in the comfort of my own home). She explained in easy to follow instructions, and we also went through the correct procedure for attaching the monitor before I went to bed, and what to do if I needed to get up throughout the night for any reason.

The next morning I went back with the monitor and had my sleep study assessed and Dani was quite concerned with my results. It showed that the worst reading showed that in one hour I had stopped breathing 69 times, and the longest time that I had stopped breathing for was 1 minute and 12 seconds which was quite concerning. She immediately contacted me and had me return to the clinic and she set me up with a CPAP machine to overcome my problem with stopping to breathe and reducing the amount of oxygen which was entering my bloodstream and feeding my brain. I cannot thank Dani Wood enough for her speedy and professional approach to my life saving treatment.