What a journey I have been on! Earlier this year my husband and I decided to go on a holiday camping. I picked up Danica’s flyer and decided to do something about my snoring as my husband finds it very difficult to sleep with my snoring and of course you can’t escape when you are camping.

I gave Danica a ring and asked her a whole bunch of questions to which she very patiently and thoroughly replied to. No question was too hard and everything was explained in simple terms.

Danica arrived at my home at an agreed time and placed multiple wires on me. Each time she placed a new wire Danica explained what it was going to test for.

After sleeping with the wires on for the night Danica arrived next morning to take the data away to be analysed.

To my surprise it was very gently explained to me that I would require a sleep apnoea machine. At first I was in denial as I have always slept extremely well, like a rock in fact.

I looked at the data that was sent to me and went into CPAP DIRECT to discuss a machine. Danica had sent all my details though beforehand and had also sent a script through.

I hired a machine and a mask for one month and was surprised at the results. I then went on to purchase my own machine.

I slept better, woke up fresh and was able to check my progress on the machine and app. BUT, best of all I no longer snore!! The camping holiday was a huge success. Taking the machine camping was easier than I had imagined. The machine I have is also very quiet. Happy Campers.

Danica was available throughout the whole process and was so patient and understanding. I was impressed by her wealth of knowledge and her passion for helping others to get the right treatment.

I cannot express my thanks enough to Danica and the wonderful service she has provided for me. I feel I have not only sorted out quite a serious problem but have also made a lovely friend.

If you have absolutely any sleep concerns at all I would highly recommend that you give Danica a call. She is amazing and will keep searching until she finds a solution for you.